Tuesday, November 12, 2013


There was a day last week where woke up yesterday morning at like 5am, for which I’d like to thank Daylight’s Savings. Blech. But since I couldn't get back to sleep, I decided to start watching Moneyball. It’s one of those movies that I can always watch. I’m happy watching just 15 minutes or watching the entire film. After texting a friend that enjoys Moneyball as much as myself, I realized what Hollywood needs to do. I am even more convinced today, after hearing about a “Full House” spin-off.

What I want, what’s important to me, is Aaron Sorkin and Peter Berg join forces, and give us “Moneyball” the television series. Knowing they couldn't have the cast from the movie, I’ve been thinking over the best casting options. My first instinct was for Kyle Chandler (aka Coach Taylor) to take on the role of Billy Beane. And I think he’d be fantastic, but it would be so hard to see him as anyone other than Coach Taylor. So when I sit down with Berg and Sorkin (what do you mean, “never gonna happen?”) I’m suggesting they cast John Cusak.

Cusak’s cadence speaking Sorkin’s words, yeah, sign me up. Sorkin could recruit Josh- er, Bradley Whitford to play A’s manager Bob Melvin. The way I see it, you take 6 parts of Moneyball, 3 parts of “Friday Night Lights” and one part of “Entourage” (coming from the first two seasons). I want to see Beane deal with free agents and working the phone to make a trade. I want to hear his reaction to the contracts the Angels hand out like prizes at a county fair.

There’s simply no way that this wouldn't be the best show on television. All that’s left is for Berg and Sorkin to sign on.