Friday, March 25, 2011

Like a Good Neighbor?

What exactly is going on here, State Farm? We have two dudes, parked in a State Park some where. They brought along some food, looks like it's fast food. They aren't in camping gear, so it doesn't seem likely that they're there for a vacation of any kind. These two dudes just decided, "hey, let's go have a burger and watch the buffalo roam."

One of the gentlemen is wearing a heavy coat, that's also zipped up, while the other has a light jacket that's unbuttoned. This just confuses me. Based on how they're talking, "I can't believe we haven't done this before. Oh wow, look at that," I'm assuming they're high. Is State Farm using someone, who was driving under the influence, to sell me their insurance? So they call up their agent, and he comes to the rescue. Now they've left their car behind, and left the scene. Is that what I'm supposed to do if I'm ever in an accident?

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