Monday, March 21, 2011

Putting the Flush in Flushing

My beloved Mets have released lefty, and huge disappointment, Oliver Perez. Perez is still owed $12 million, and I guess the contract prevents the Mets for asking Perez to be a ball boy or sell beer. Since he wasn’t going to pitch, they either had to use up a roster spot and keep him around, or pay him to go.

Now you may not have heard, but the Mets are in a world of hurt. The Mets owners were just hit with a law suit that seeks one billion dollars in damages in connection to profits they allegedly gained from their relationship with all around scum, Bernie Madoff. Yes, billion with a “bee.”

I’d argue that their obviously not smart enough to be involved with such an insanely successful, yet evil, ponzi scheme.

Here’s my evidence:
  • In 1999, when the Mets decided to part ways with outfielder Bobby Bonilla, they agreed to defer payments rather than cutting him a check for $5.9 million. So Bonilla will start collection $1.19 mil a year starting this July. Oh, his last check is scheduled for 2035. Don’t bother with the calculator, that’s $29.8. Right, almost $30 mil instead of just under $6.
  • In 2003, they traded Roberto Alomar to the White Sox, along with $3.75 million to help offset his contract.  
  • In 2004 they traded Roger Cedeno and his $10 million contract to the Cardinals. As part of the deal, the Mets agreed to pay $9 million of his contract.
  • In 2006 o get the Rockies to take Kaz Matsui, they had to pay $4.5 million of his $8 million contract
  • Just last week the Mets waived Luis Castillo and ate his $6 million contract.

For those keeping score at home, that’s $65.05 million that the Mets basically flushed down the toilet. Does this sound like an organization that’s capable of catching on to what Madoff was doing, when the feds couldn’t? The defense, along with our playoff ambitions, rests.

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